Tendencia de belleza peligrosa: por eso las chicas se lavan la vagina con vinagre de sidra de manzana

Dangerous beauty trend: that’s why girls wash their vagina with apple cider vinegar

Dangerous beauty trend: that's why girls wash their vagina with apple cider vinegar

Yes, you read that right. With the new trend of intimate hygiene, girls insert a tampon soaked in vinegar into their vagina. What is that supposed to do? It appears that douches made with vinegar tighten the intimate area. The vulva, that is, the inside of the vagina, should be like this tighten more and more. And that should be even more fun, especially in bed.

After sex: blow drying the vagina is the new trend

Vinegar douche causes infections! ”

This questionable beauty trend doesn’t seem funny to us! Vinegar is acidic and wash your vagina with it, let alone insert a tampon, it must burn like hell! Additionally, douching can also have serious health consequences, warns college professor Linda Cardozo, as reported by dailymail.com: “Putting vinegar in the vagina is not only uncomfortable, it can also damage the natural vaginal flora. The vagina is made up of ‘good bacteria’ that are destroyed by douching of all kinds. This can cause irritation and infections.

Intimate hygiene: how to wash your vagina well

So the douche is completely stupid and it only brings disadvantages. Water is all you need to wash your vagina. The vagina cleans itself and does not need harsh soaps. much less VINEGAR, to keep clean or to squeeze! Our vaginas are perfect as they are – No acid vaginal irrigation, no glitter and no illuminator!

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