Reacción en cadena peligrosa después de un accidente en la A9: motociclistas gravemente heridos

Dangerous chain reaction after an accident on the A9: seriously injured motorcyclists

Dangerous chain reaction after an accident on the A9: seriously injured motorcyclists

There was a serious accident on the A9 in the Bayreuth district on Saturday afternoon (October 31, 2020) with a total of four vehicles involved. As reported by the Bayreuth traffic police, a 24-year-old car driver struck a truck, causing a dangerous chain reaction.

The woman was on the A9 in the center lane heading for Bayreuth when she reached the right lane at Plech for reasons that are still unknown. There she saw a truck running parallel to her and hit the side of the trailer.

Serious accident on the A9: motorcyclists seriously injured

The 24-year-old’s car skidded and rolled over until it was badly damaged in the middle of the road. A 54-year-old driver from Dresden followed him shortly after, but was still able to avoid the accident with a braking maneuver, but not the motorcyclist behind him.

The 49-year-old motorcyclist collided with the Dresden man’s car and was thrown off his motorcycle. With serious injuries, the man stopped on the road. An ER doctor treated him on the spot and he was later taken to a hospital.

The 24-year-old who caused the accident also suffered moderate injuries and had to be transferred to a clinic. The truck driver and the 54-year-old driver were unharmed.

The two cars and the motorcycle were no longer ready to drive and were towed away. The total damage amounts to about 25,000 euros. The highway was completely closed for two hours to record the northbound accident. A total of five fire brigades from the Nürnberger Land and Bayreuth districts, as well as the Trockau motorway maintenance authority, were deployed to ensure traffic safety.

Symbol photo: MoiraM / Adobe Stock