Daniel Craig: ¿Sigue jugando al 007?

Daniel Craig: Are you still playing 007?

After “Specter”

Thorsten trederon October 2, 2015 | 16:51

It won’t be long before the James Bond fanbase can once again admire Daniel Craig as the legendary secret agent. In about a month, “Specter,” the fourth 007 movie with the blonde boy in the title role, should finally appear on the big screen. But even though the movie has yet to be released, fans around the world are discussing a possible successor to Daniel Craig. Now the British himself commented on the subject …

Who will be the next James Bond? “Homeland” star Damian Lewis, “Luther” actor Idris Elba, or a complete stranger? Although Daniel Craig has yet to leave the post and with “Specter” a new Bond film is about to begin, the race for his successor seems to have already begun. The actor imagined re-assuming the role of agent. “It’s getting more difficult, but that’s life. I will continue as long as I am physically able to do so, ”Daniel Craig told Event magazine.

Daniel Craig still doesn’t want to say goodbye to James Bond

Speculation about his successor as James Bond arose after Daniel Craig was skeptical about a month ago in an interview with “Esquire” about whether he would reprise his starring role. The 47-year-old sounded a bit more optimistic this time, but he still doesn’t want to make a really irrefutable promise. “I’m signed for another role, but I’m not making predictions,” Daniel Craig said mysteriously.

Daniel Craig is still in the mood for Bond

One thing’s for sure for Daniel Craig: If he really has to give up the James Bond role, it’s only for physical reasons. Because the desire for one of the most legendary movie series in history is far from over for the heartthrob. “These movies are not made very often. It’s only the fourth time for me, that’s almost nothing. If you’re not excited about making a movie of this size with this cast and Sam Mendes, go home, “said Daniel Craig, making his point more than clear.

It looks like Daniel Craig’s successor candidates will have to wait a bit longer. The crowd favorite after “Casino Royale”, “A Quantum of Consolation”, “Skyfall” and “Specter” has yet to lose its desire for 007. One can only hope that his body will act too.

Image Source: Getty Images / Jan Hetfleisch