Daniel Craig: ¿No querrá volver a interpretar a Bond?

Daniel Craig: You don’t want to play Bond again?

Daniel Craig: You don't want to play Bond again?

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Thorsten trederon 02/25/2016 | 10:24

It’s only been a few months since Daniel Craig shone for the fourth time as a James Bond secret agent in “Specter” and caused a real run at the box office. But despite this popular success and glowing reviews, the 007 actor seems to have had enough of the job. He flirted several times in interviews with the fact that in the future he no longer wanted to be in front of the camera as ‘James Bond’. Now a good friend reported what was really going on inside Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig: Have you had enough of 007?

In fact, the movie magazine “ShortList” met with actor Mark Strong a few days ago to talk with him about his new movie “Grimsby”, in which the 52-year-old plays a spy. So it goes without saying that the conversation centered on the secret agent, who is currently played by Strong’s good friend Daniel Craig. However, something could change soon. When asked by Mark Strong magazine if he would like to act in a Bond movie himself, the Hollywood star had a reserved answer that fans of Daniel Craig in particular shouldn’t like.

According to Strong’s information, Daniel Craig has no plans to shoot another Bond movie, although in fact he has already promised the producers. “I would have loved to play a villain in a Bond movie while Daniel is doing it, because he’s a friend and it would have been great,” explained the Brit. “I think he’s near the end of his Bond time and therefore this will probably never happen, but in any case it would have been impressive.” So has Daniel Craig really finished his biggest role yet?

Daniel Craig: Can Mark Strong still convince him?

Mark Strong gets along with Daniel Craig

But why doesn’t Daniel Craig feel like seeing another Bond movie anymore? For Mark Strong, it’s clear: “It was wonderful and he loved it. But I think he feels like he’s maxed out the role. He did what he wanted with him. That point has already come ”. Still, Strong would do anything to convince Daniel Craig of a final Bond adventure together, even if in his opinion the chances of success are pretty slim: “Well, I’ll try, believe me. I’ll do my best. But at work there are powers that are bigger than us and that make all these decisions.

If the Bond producers really want to film another blockbuster with Daniel Craig, they should cast Mark Strong as a new opponent ASAP. You couldn’t give him better arguments for his persuasion …

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