¡Daniel Hartwich está fuera de "Let's Dance"!

Daniel Hartwich is out of “Let’s Dance”!

For the flu

Moderator Daniel Hartwich got it right, he’s in bed with the flu. Does Victoria Swarovski have to moderate her second live broadcast alone?

After the first broadcast of “Let’s Dance”, there was a barrage of criticism: Victoria Swarovski’s restraint really went up in the pants. He spoke too softly, forgot to give phone numbers, got tangled up all the time.

But the second live broadcast will also not go as planned, as host Daniel Hartwich is ill and therefore canceled. Bitter for the RTL show! “Greetings from delirium! The flu brought me down. No man is cold, but the full barrage. My doctor ordered me to forbid contact so as not to infect anyone, ”Hartwich said via RTL.

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But fans can breathe easy! A solution has already been found so that Victoria does not have to lead the dance show alone. Moderator Oliver Geissen will support Swarovski as Hartwich’s replacement. And he’s glad that his colleague was able to chime in on short notice: “I wish Oliver Geissen, Victoria Swarovski and of course the whole“ Let’s Dance ”family a good show! I hope to be back next week, ”Hartwich said.

But will this change in short-term plans completely upset Victoria Swarovski? We can see that tonight at 8:15 pm RTL.

Are you going to watch the show tonight? Also curious if Victoria Swarovski will do better moderation this time around? Are you happy that you are receiving support from Oliver Geissen? Or do you not like him at all? Let us know in the comments on Facebook if you want.

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