Daniel Radcliffe: ¿nos encanta con su nueva novia?

Daniel Radcliffe: We love it with his new girlfriend?

Daniel Radcliffe: We love it with his new girlfriend?

New love!

wantedon 04/25/2014 | 17:06

After actor Daniel Radcliffe hasn’t always kept fans up to date on his love life in recent years, he’s now surprisingly open and proud to introduce his better half, Erin Drake. After a bumpy startup phase, the two are said to have been dating for almost two years. Now you saw the lovebirds strolling in love through the streets of New York and there is no time to doubt that these are great emotions.

In 2012, Daniel Radcliffe happily fell in love with production assistant Rosie Coker, whom he met while filming Harry Potter. But after two years the relationship fell apart and everyone wondered who or what was dividing the couple. Perhaps now, with the revelation of his new love, the enigma has been solved. Daniel Radcliffe met the beauty on the set of “Kill Your Darlings” the same year his last love fell through. But after the first meeting, it didn’t seem like a successful love story.

Daniel Radcliffe is finally happily in love again

“The two of them spent a lot of time together in London and New York, but suddenly Daniel broke contact. Erin was devastated “reported an insider from “Life & Style.” However, the radio silence appeared to have been short-lived, as Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Drake were seen kissing in a London club, according to “People.” Now the couple is officially in love and has silenced all criticism with the photos that appeared in the “Daily Mail.”

Did Daniel Radcliffe finally officially return to firm hands?

The British newspaper shows the two lovebirds holding hands in the Big Apple on their way to the next supermarket. This was the first “public appearance” for Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Drake since last August when the brunette was picked up by Daniel Radcliffe after one of his theatrical appearances on the streets of London. Why the two of them spent so much time together, away from the thunderstorm, will likely remain their secret.

You can tell from afar that Daniel Radcliffe is happily in love. We cross our fingers so that the dream couple can maintain a little intimacy and not break in the constant interest of the media.Image source: Bruce Glikas / getty images