¡Daniel Schuhmacher cae!

Daniel Schuhmacher Falls!

Daniel Schuhmacher Falls!

Daniel Schuhmacher was a guest on the Austrian radio station Ö3. The moderators came up with something very special for the DSDS star: Daniel Schuhmacher was supposed to drive a moped race in the Ö3 parking lot because of his fast-paced namesake Michael Schumacher.

So far so good. The only problem was that it had rained a lot that day and the ground was slippery. Although Daniel shoemaker would have won the joke race sovereignly, the good spirits of the rally abandoned him shortly before the finish. His scooter swerved around the corner, Daniel lost control and fell! As he did so, he scraped his hands.

Blessing in disguise: Daniel shoemaker You were previously asked if you would like to wear a helmet. Stupidly refused. Who knows what would have happened if it fell on his head. So even if it sounds stuffy, never without a helmet!

Ö3 has now announced that there will never be rollerblading races in their parking lot again. Better this way too …

Here is theVideo of Daniel Schuhmacher’s accident.

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