Daniela Katzenberger celebra su regreso a la televisión

Daniela Katzenberger celebrates her return to television

Fashion show

Many fans have probably already wondered why Daniela Katzenberger’s hiatus from television is taking so long, but the wait will soon come to an end – the TV blonde is back with a new show on RTL II.

The cameras are always there: the successful author of the book no longer knows: in her VOX documentary “Naturally Blond” at that time, she shows information about her life as a cafe owner in Mallorca and the search for the perfect beauty products . and applications that once travels around the world. Later she went to RTL2 station, where she shows fans with her documentaries what life is like with her son and her husband. Now that the family and the cafe have been closed, Katzenberger finally has time for new ideas for television.

New television program titled “Fashion in the Box”

As RTL II confirmed to DWDL media magazine, there will soon be a show where Daniela is not the center of attention. With the show “Fashion in the Box,” the station’s previous working title, women get a full makeover for free.

Daniela is supposed to visit the candidates and search their closets. The complete makeover is carried out with the help of three fashion experts who take care of the clothes, hair and makeup. After the ladies have chosen an outfit, the finishing touches follow with a new hairstyle and new makeup. Daniela stands by the candidates with words and deeds throughout the process. They will then present the new look to their friends. As DWDL reports, Daniela Katzenberger is supposed to comment on the entire event from the beginning.

It is not yet known when the show begins on television or who the three experts will be, but fans of the cat on television are already very excited. To the Facebook entry confirming her new RTL II program, a fan clicks directly: “Where can I apply?”, To which Daniela Katzenberger responds: “I will soon post the call on my page. I expect many applications “.

Apply to the new Daniela Katzenberger show

Filming hasn’t started yet! Anyone who wants a makeover can request it! According to DWDL, the finished episodes should appear on RTL II’s show next fall.

Are you a fan of Daniela Katzenberger and would you like to participate in the show? Let us know in the comments below this article or on Facebook.

Image Source: Florian Ebener / Getty Images