Daniela Katzenberger se luce con el pelo oscuro

Daniela Katzenberger shows off with dark hair

Daniela Katzenberger shows off with dark hair

New hair style

Has Daniela Katzenberger really said goodbye to her platinum blonde hair? On Instagram she shows herself with a new hairstyle – her hair is noticeably darker.

But all fans of her blonde hair can breathe easy. Daniela Katzenberger has just tried different looks for some time. With wigs, test what changes suit you. You have now found one that you seem to like very much. And he immediately introduced the ombré look to his fans.

You can see how Daniela looks with darker hair in the video …

And what does the cat say about it? “Well, I would really put up with THIS hair color… but you know how it is with us women. You would like to try something new with your hair, it is always great for others … and then you lose the courage to actually do it, because you know the ‘old’ hair color in you and you are used to it. And what if it goes wrong and you’re totally unhappy and want nothing more than to be able to undo this ‘hair experiment’? “

What do you think of the appearance? Do you also think that it suits her very well and that it makes her seem like a different person? Or do you like her platinum blonde hair better because it only belongs to her? Let us know what you think in the comments on Facebook if you’d like.