Daniele Negroni: Concierto con candidatos DSDS

Daniele Negroni: Concert with DSDS Candidates

Daniele Negroni: Concert with DSDS Candidates

Exclusive concert

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Daniele Negroni is almost a DSDS veteran, at least when you compare him to the current season’s DSDS candidates. But even in season 10, Daniele Negroni is almost as present as the DSDS rookies.

In the ninth season of DSDS, a dream came true for Daniele Negroni. Because even though he didn’t rank first, he delighted an audience of millions with his music. Even now, a year later, the native Italian still has a lot of fans.

Daniele Negroni took second place in DSDS in 2012

Daniele Negroni’s fans also include current DSDS candidates, whom he calls Backstage reporter accompanied. After Tim David Weller’s DSDS ended, Lisa Wohlgemuth, Erwin Kintop, Susan Albers, Beatrice Egli, and Ricardo Bielecki made the top five on Saturday.

Daniele Negroni invites DSDS candidates to his tour

Along with the top five from DSDS season 10, Daniele Negroni is now one Exclusive concert at “Gloria” in Cologne give. For Lisa, Susan, Beatrice, Ricardo and Erwin, this is something very special: after all, the exclusive concert with Daniele Negroni and even Luca Hänni is theirs. first public appearance since participating in DSDS. For some candidates, this will even be their first appearance in front of a large audience outside of DSDS studios. Daniele Negroni will certainly support her protégés when they perform her song!

If you want to see Daniele Negroni and the top five live, you should buy tickets now. The DSDS concert will take place tonight starting at 6.30 pm at the “Gloria” in Cologne.

Image Source: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

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