Se busca nuera: Adiós a Irene

Daughter-in-law wanted: Farewell to Irene

Sad scenes

It is a difficult visit for Vera Int-Veen in the Bavarian Forest: for many years, the RTL presenter with permanent bachelor Beate and her mother Irene traveled the world for the dome show “Daughter-in-law Wanted”, always looking for a great love for Beate. At the first meeting of the new year, Vera can only hold Beate in her arms, because mother Irene died suddenly in early January.

Retired Irene has been a big part of the popular TV show all these years and should find a place in the new season as well, host Vera Int-Veen revealed. Together with Beate, she said goodbye to her longtime friend in the grave. You can find more information about this in the video.

Daughter-in-law wanted: mourning for mother Irene

Irene’s cause of death has been determined

In January, after Irene’s sudden death, there was a lot of speculation about the cause of death, was it pneumonia or heart failure? Beate revealed on the show that her mother died of natural causes, peacefully in her sleep. Unfortunately, just a small consolation for Irene’s daughter and husband Gerhard.

Moderator Vera (left) visits the grave of the late mother Irene along with Beate (right).

Starting on May 7, the new candidates for the eleventh season will be looking for great love again. Together with Vera Int-Veen, the show “Daughter-in-law Wanted” reminds us of the most beautiful moments with mother Irene.

Image source: RTL