Se busca nuera: ¿centrarse en el erotismo?

Daughter-in-law wanted: focus on eroticism?

Daughter-in-law wanted: focus on eroticism?

wanted daughter-in-law

wantedthe 10/11/2010 | 18:36

The program “Wanted a daughter-in-law” awakens the mind. Apparently especially those of the candidates. Were mothers expecting something like this when they applied for “Looking for daughter-in-law”?

the withdrawal Daniela with Heiko and Michaela

On Sunday night, more than five million viewers watched RTL’s hit show “Daughter-in-Law” as esotericist Heiko (36) treated her favorite Michaela with a hot massage. Obviously skilled, as Michaela began to moan without restraint. “I know what you like,” Heiko triumphed and had to take off her shirt because of the heat.

After that, the decision wasn’t too difficult and Heiko sent Michaela’s competitor Daniela home without further ado. However, the “wanted daughter-in-law” candidate asked her guardian angel and the pendulum as a precaution. Along with Michaela and Daniela, it surprisingly came out while traveling that the three of “Wanted daughter-in-law” would fall in love this year. Daniela now has to keep looking outside of the broadcast, while Amor has already hit Heiko and Michaela. When Michaela was making a cocktail in the evening, Heiko cheekily asked, “Do you want him to love me?”

It remains questionable whether the main focus of the show is still dating or eroticism.

Image source: RTL