David Beckham admira a su Victoria

David Beckham admires his Victoria

David Beckham admires his Victoria

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wantedon 09/18/2014 | 11:46

It’s been over a year since David Beckham finally hung up his boots. Since then, his wife Victoria, who takes hold each year in the fashion business, has been responsible for the great career, a development that even fascinates a former high-performance athlete like David Beckham.

The fact that there is hardly a partner determines the fashion trends of tomorrow as much as Victoria and David Beckham demonstrated once again a few days ago when the former Spice Girl presented her latest collection at New York Fashion Week. Everyone in the fashion industry gathered on Front Row to pay tribute to Victoria Beckham. Even a star like David Beckham, who has accomplished everything in his own career, couldn’t contain his enthusiasm.

David Beckham and his wife Victoria are a true dream team

In an interview with the British television station “ITV”, David Beckham described the great respect he felt for his wife after the show. “I am very proud of what he has accomplished. Being a part of the greatest girl band in history like Spice Girl and then earning respect in the fashion industry, that’s not something that happens overnight. Seeing the scope of what he has accomplished and brought to life is something very special, ”enthused David Beckham.David Beckham receives advice from Victoria

With so much experience concentrated in his own home, it is not surprising that David Beckham also listens to his wife when it comes to matters of fashion in private life. “She has an opinion on what I wear. I have my own mind so I wear something when I think it looks good. But when you are in a relationship and even married, you trust each other’s judgment. And he has a very good eye, ”said David Beckham, praising his Victoria.

Even after his career, David Beckham proves that he is one of the greats. Grant your wife your success and back off a bit, not many men can do that. Respect David!

Image source: © Getty Images / Alberto E. Rodríguez