David Beckham cumple el último deseo de un fan

David Beckham fulfills a fan’s last wish

David Beckham fulfills a fan's last wish

Last wish

wantedthe 07/27/2015 | 12:55

Under the hashtag #AndyWantsToMeetDavidBeckham, the wife of the severely cancerous Andy Moss had drawn attention to her husband’s dying wish. The soulful request of the sick superfan had spread like wildfire on the internet. Now David Beckham Andy granted his wish.

David Beckham’s superfan Andy received the shocking news at Christmas 2013 that he was suffering from late-stage cancer. Since then, he has received more than 40 chemotherapy treatments and 20 radiation treatments and still looks to an uncertain future. In June, he made a video from his hospital bed about it that caught the attention of the public and eventually even David Beckham. In the video, Andy asked the soccer star to make her dream of finally meeting him come true. Now David Beckham Andy could grant her wish.

David Beckham made Andy’s last wish come true

In the video that the father of two young children posted on the Ellen DeGeneres website, Andy explains how this dearest wish came about: “I have been a huge fan for a long time and have always admired what you’ve been on the field so far. They have achieved. But I admire even more what you do for people off the field. You are a great husband and father and you are a charity, ”Andy said in the video. He expressed his enthusiasm for David Beckham years ago by naming his first son after the footballer.. A huge fan, David Beckham couldn’t turn down a wish and invited Andy and his family to a reunion.

David Beckham treated Andy, with cancer, like family

Andy’s wife, Leyla, posted on Instagram her glowing account of meeting superstar David Beckham, who also had part of his family with her. “His manager Simon arranged everything for us and made it possible for us to make Andy’s wish come true,” Leyla wrote under a photo of her family with David Beckham. “We met David and his wonderful wife Victoria and Brooklyn. They treated us like family. They covered all of our travel expenses and even took us out to eat. We will never forget this experience, I still have goose bumps. The Beckhams are just wonderful. “David Beckham cares for his fans so movingly that we feel warm in our hearts just by looking. We hope this has given Andy even more strength to successfully fight his cancer.

Image Source: Getty Images / Chris Jackson