David Beckham se adentra en la jungla

David Beckham goes into the jungle

David Beckham goes into the jungle

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wantedon 03/19/2014 | 17:37

The long-awaited World Cup is approaching this summer in Brazil. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people are interested in the great South American country. The British television network “BBC” also thought that and sent David Beckham, one of the greatest soccer stars of all time, to the country of the five-time world champions to film a documentary. But David Beckham doesn’t really care about football …

David Beckham appears to be a true all-rounder – the 38-year-old not only had a fabulous career as a footballer, but is now also a highly successful model and designer. But that doesn’t seem to be enough for the British: David Beckham recently traveled to Brazil for the British television network “BBC” to shoot its first documentary.

David Beckham leaves luxury behind

David Beckham went to the rainforest to show British spectators the real Brazil before the World Cup. “In this special documentary for the BBC, David Beckham embarks on a top-secret expedition to the Amazon., during which he comes into contact with the other side of Brazil and travels through the rainforest, “BBC spokeswoman Charlotte Moore told” Contactmusic. “

David Beckham leaves his glamorous life

His personal “jungle camp” seems to have been a very special experience for David Beckham. “It is an unforgettable documentary that follows David Beckham into the heart of the dense Amazon rainforest. Through their eyes, viewers will get to know life in the jungle, something far removed from David’s life on and off the grass and in the center of media attention, ”said BBC Director Helen Jackson. If German fans will see David Beckham as a modern-day Tarzan, he’s still in the stars.

David Beckham proves once again that he is available for any experiment. We would really love to see your first documentary. Perhaps there is also a German station that would like to show the film during the World Cup.

Image Source: © Getty Images / Dimitrios Kambouris