David Beckham: su hijo lo encuentra vergonzoso a veces

David Beckham: his son finds it embarrassing sometimes

David Beckham: your son finds you embarrassing sometimes

Dad, stop!

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When you have pubescent boys at home, you can be as cool as you want – they’ll still feel ashamed. Even a David Beckham should, if his eldest son has his way, take a back seat. The 39-year-old said this in an interview with “Good Morning Britain.”

David Beckham draws …

We all know this: after a certain age we no longer want to hug our parents, do something with them or celebrate our birthdays with them. Instead, we prefer to be in our room or with colleagues. We find adults really embarrassing! Brooklyn Beckham, Victoria and David Beckham’s oldest son, is sometimes ashamed of his parents – which is a bit comforting because it shows that the 15-year-old is a perfectly normal teenager.

David Beckham, however, takes his son’s teenage demeanor with humor, and sometimes can’t help but tease Brooklyn with him. “He’s at the age where he no longer wants me to leave him in front of school. I’ll do it anyway “the father-of-four announced, not without joy, on the television show “Good Morning Britain” and recounted how he continued to raise his son: “He said, ‘Can you let me go out on the corner?’ And when I was running to school, I rolled down the window and yelled, “I love you.” He was not happy with that.Also, David Beckham sometimes “secretly kisses his elder on the cheek.” After pouting for a few days, the 15-year-old can almost always smile at his father’s embarrassing behavior.

David Beckham: Brooklyn wants to celebrate his 16th birthday without parents

… Her son Brooklyn sometimes

Brooklyn Beckham will turn 16 on March 4, and of course he would like to celebrate it properly. Putting parents and friends around a table is out of the question for David Beckham’s firstborn. “I think he wants to go out to dinner with his friends and he will have a separate dinner with his family,” David Beckham said on the television show. When it comes to school, Brooklyn Beckham doesn’t seem to be any different from other peers. As soon as he sees an opportunity to skip school, he and his siblings try to seize it.. “You are definitely trying not to have to go to school. My son played soccer yesterday and he hurt his neck and the physiotherapist came up to me and said, ‘Okay. But her first question was, ‘Do I have to go to school tomorrow?’ David Beckham said.

It is comforting that David Beckham’s home appears to be the same as ours. Teen whims are sometimes unfathomable, but it seems David Beckham found a good way to deal with them: humor. Even if Brooklyn would probably never openly admit it, deep down in her heart she knows that her dad is a really cool pig.

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