David Beckham: Nuevo tatuaje como prueba de amor

David Beckham: New tattoo as proof of love

Sweet proof of love

wantedon 07/25/2015 | 08:29

On July 4, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary. To thank his wife for 16 years of marriage, the former footballer came up with something very special.

The proof of love that David Beckham has chosen for his wife Victoria Beckham is for eternity: In honor of their 16th wedding anniversary, the former kicker got a new tattoo. Although David Beckham’s latest tattoo is significantly smaller compared to his other body paintings, the significance of the new tattoo is even greater. In reference to the year he and Victoria Beckham walked down the aisle, the former professional footballer was stabbed by a simple “99” in the little finger of his right hand.

David Beckham got a new tattoo in honor of his wife Victoria Beckham

As simple as the tattoo itself is the accompanying statement from David Beckham. He posted a photo of the tattoo on Instagram and wrote: “99 was a good year for me…” Exactly two weeks earlier, on their wedding day, David Beckham already posted an older photo of himself and Victoria Beckham and added a sweet declaration of love.: “16 years ago was our special day … 16 years in which we have our wonderful children … Thank you for giving me our wonderful little ones … Happy wedding anniversary.”

David Beckham: Congratulations from your oldest son

1999 is a special year for Victoria and David Beckham, especially since their oldest son, Brooklyn, was born that year. The now 16-year-old insisted on congratulating his famous parents on their wedding anniversary. He posted a photo from David Beckham and Victoria Beckham’s wedding, in which he can also be seen as a baby, on Instagram and wrote: “Happy wedding day! I love you! “

Victoria Beckham was certainly happy with this special declaration of love from her well-known husband, because with the small but even more significant tattoo, David Beckham has impressively shown that he still loves his wife even after 16 years of marriage as he did. the first day.

Image source: © Getty Images / Pablo Cuadra