David Beckham hechizado por presentador de televisión

David Beckham spellbound by TV host

Flirt alert

Birte immethe 22/09/2015 | 16:33

David Beckham is and continues to be the dream of many women

Does wife Victoria like that? In a television interview, his interlocutor flirted so aggressively with David Beckham that everyone had to notice, and the former footballer even broke out in a sweat easily despite his media experience.

Famous and notorious, this is ITV host Susanna Reid for her interview style, as David Beckham also learned. The football star was a guest on the breakfast TV show “Good Morning Britain” and was instantly horny, in the truest sense of the word. “It’s very hot in here under the floodlights, isn’t it?” The hostess, dressed in a sexy red dress, flirted with David Beckham and fanned herself gassy.

It’s no wonder that the 40-year-old heartthrob had no choice but to respond charmingly. “It’s so hot,” she explained to Susanna Reid, and assured her chivalrous: “I’m surprised you’re wearing such a great dress and I’m only wearing a T-shirt.” So looking for compliments seems to work very well with David Beckham. have, but that’s not enough! “I should have worn the shirt,” Reid replied flirtatiously, giggling like a child.

My friend, the fashion icon

The real talking point, Beckham’s new short for a motorcycle clothing line, initially faded into the background. The ITV presenter quickly declared David Beckham a friend and without being asked why he had chosen the elegant outfit. “His wife is known to wear great clothes all the time, so I thought it would be best if he wore something appropriate when interviewing a fashion icon.” With no sooner said than done, he has apparently been successful on this project.

Fortunately, David Beckham didn’t allow himself to be taken out of his reserve when it came to flirting. Wife Victoria can breathe deeply at home, as can many of her fans. Not everyone thought it was funny that their idol was so delighted. We thought: the sexy kicker did very well in one way or another.

Image source: © Getty Images / Pablo Cuadra