Champions League en TV y stream: DAZN y Sky anuncian la división de juegos grupales

DAZN now showcases WWE wrestling with US commentary.

Champions League on TV and stream: DAZN and Sky announce group games division

DAZN tries to save itself from the current hiatus, now also showcasing WWE with their weekly live events and US commentary.

DAZN reacts with a new sports addition in times of lack of live sports and is now including WWE on its own show. The first event can already be seen on the first night of April 4, DAZN announced on short notice a few hours before the first broadcast. It was probably a very short-term deal for the streaming service.

WWE events now live via broadcast on DAZN

DAZN is already showing the latest Smackdown event the first night before WrestleMania takes place. On Saturday night we will see WWE SmackDown live starting at 2 am, the commentary comes live and original directly from the US on our screens.

Then it continues Tuesday night at 2am with WWE RAW.

In order to watch WWE live on DAZN, you must be 18 years old and able to prove your age.

DAZN is probably the biggest loser of the pandemic