DAZN: tarjetas de regalo de suscripción (tarjetas de cupón) disponibles en puntos de venta

DAZN: subscription gift cards (coupon cards) available at point of sale

DAZN offers gift cards online and in retail stores. This allows you to pay for the digital payment subscription or give it away.

DAZN has been on the rise in recent months, the sports broadcast package is still impressive years after the start. After waiting a while, the gift cards are now available in German retail stores. Not everyone has PayPal or a credit card, and not everyone wants to store their payment details online. Alternatively, you can purchase appropriate gift cards or vouchers with a certain point-of-sale value. These cards are now also available for DAZN, in supermarkets (Rewe and Co) and other stores.

Cards at the price of the monthly subscription

Initially, only the variant was available today for 11.99 euros, so you can reserve exactly one full month of DAZN. With the purchase of these prepaid cards you will receive a unique code that you must redeem in DAZN on the website. Either for yourself or as a gift for friends, family, etc. A similar principle has existed for years on Netflix, Google Play, iTunes, and co. There are also gift cards for the arithmetically cheaper annual subscription.

Buy offline to use an online service. I prefer to go through PayPal and co, so using it as a gift is definitely a cool thing. In the end, everyone decides for themselves. In the first few months after launch, there were no discounts on these cards, as is common from time to time on Netflix or iTunes. But it should always be worth keeping your eyes open.

Whether prepaid or by direct debit, DAZN can always be canceled on a monthly basis. This is one of the biggest advantages if we look at DAZN in sporting terms, especially in competition with Sky. In terms of price, there are also worlds between the two offerings. To update: You can now request DAZN coupons from Amazon and they will be sent via email.

DAZN offers sports content of all categories

There is a tough battle in the fight for broadcasting rights that does not leave DAZN indifferent. The best example was the Premier League, because after a few years DAZN will return to Sky for now. There is Serie A, First Division, as well as the Champions League and the Europa League on DAZN. And that was just one part of the soccer offerings.

What is a gift card?

As the name suggests, you can gift a certain amount of value with these gift cards. For example, a subscription to a streaming service, a prepaid recharge or even an amount in euros for an online store.

Are gift cards cheaper?

From time to time there are discounts on gift cards in retail stores and also online, then you can make a monetary benefit.

What are the advantages of gift cards?

Gift cards are not only useful as gifts for other people. You can use it to pay for streaming subscriptions, for example, without having to deposit a paid service.

Are gift cards only available in retail stores?

No, gift cards are available in virtual or digital and physical form alike. You can also buy a gift card online and send it by email.

How long is a gift card valid?

Gift cards are generally valid for many years, but to be safe, you should check the individual terms. Validity may vary depending on the provider.