Champions League en TV y stream: DAZN y Sky anuncian la división de juegos grupales

DAZN will show almost the entire Champions League starting in the summer of 2021, which has advantages and disadvantages

Champions League on TV and stream: DAZN and Sky announce group games division

After a very long wait, DAZN confirms the Champions League rights for the German area, but this also has some disadvantages.

It has been a long time since the Champions League rights for future seasons were granted. DAZN had knocked out Sky, among other things, but had never commented on it so far. Now there is the official announcement from DAZN that from the 2021/2022 season in Germany most of the Uefa Champions League matches will be available to watch on the streaming service (exclusively).

“Almost the entire Champions League” will be available on DAZN Germany after the summer of 2021. The goal is to become number 1, also because DAZN will continue to show the Bundesliga in the future. DAZN shows 121 of 138 Champions League games per season, initially over a three-year period. Other competing games are also running online, but on Amazon Prime Video.

Soccer on the Internet is not only beneficial

However, so far, this also means that the Champions League will not reach German living rooms via traditional reception channels in the future. While Sky always had the option of cable, satellite, and streaming, DAZN currently only offers streaming. There is also a notable regression in image quality; broadcast image simply can’t compete with cable TV. The Champions League in 4K is once again history for German viewers. In any case, DAZN has yet to offer a 4K offer.

But there are also advantages. DAZN offers a stable streaming service that is available on all platforms and can be used on computers through a website. There are also flexible packages, you don’t have to commit long term on DAZN. So far, I haven’t seen the perfect path for soccer on Sky or DAZN, so there is still room for improvement. DAZN was also not free from bugs and problems in the past.