"Las chicas muertas no mienten": ¡No hables!  La escuela quiere prohibir las series de Netflix como tema de conversación

"Dead girls don’t lie": Do not speak! The school wants to ban Netflix series as a topic of conversation

"Dead girls don't lie": Do not speak!  The school wants to ban Netflix series as a topic of conversation

The Netlix series “Dead Girls Don’t Lie”, in the original “For Thirteen Reasons”, is very popular, but also causes a lot of controversy. A school in Canada has now taken it to the extreme and even banned speech.


“Dead Girls Don’t Lie” (“13 Reasons Why” in the original) is a Netflix series that is currently very popular and is even considered the most discussed series in 2017. Success makes a second season as good as determined, but the difficult subject of suicide among young people is not without its explosive character. In New Zealand a new category for the protection of minors has been introduced due to the content, making it more difficult for minors to watch the program. Actress Kate Walsh, for her part, believes that the series should be made compulsory in schools because it fulfills an educational function on various topics, including suicide, bullying, discrimination and violence. However, at least several Canadian schools will not comply with this request. On the contrary: how CBC (via Variety) reported, even a speech ban was issued.

This affects students at St. Vincent Elementary School in Edmonton. To prevent “dead girls from lying” as a topic of conversation in the schoolyard, the school principal sent letters to the children’s parents asking them to let them know that they should refrain from discussing the series. “The conversations that arise in the school about it are worrying”, says in published letter. “The series is for adults only and is about the suicide of a student. The program contains violence (rape) and blood shown openly, curses, drug use and terrifying scenes.

However quoted CBC also a person in charge of media and neighborhood affairs for schools, including San Vicente. He said the principal was concerned and wanted to start a discussion about the series at the students’ homes. Supposedly now she is supposed to find the tone of her letter too strict.

Variety also refers to the home page of the “Hamilton Wentworth District School Board“, Where the series of” glorifying suicidal behavior “is accused in an information letter to parents. It also states that teachers were encouraged not to include “dead girls” in their lessons. The organization “School Mental Health Assist” is said to have sent a similar request, which supports schools in the Ontario region.

The “Suicide prevention in the communityNetwork, on the other hand, offers parents several suggestions on its website on how they can better talk to their children about the content of the series.

We also point out that suicide is not a way out. If your thoughts are about killing your life, we strongly recommend that you seek dialogue with other people. Discuss the issue with your family or friends, a doctor or psychologist, or someone you trust. If you want to remain anonymous, there are several telephone counseling offers that are not only free, but also absolutely confidential (and, for example, do not appear on the telephone bill). The numbers 0800/111 0 111 and 0800/111 0 222 will help you. Alternatively, you can go to The phone counseling website also has a chat agree or the notice by mail take advantage of. About him Website of the German Society for Suicide Prevention There is also an overview of other counseling centers.