"Las chicas muertas no mienten": Netflix responde a las protestas con más y más claras advertencias

"Dead girls don’t lie": Netflix responds to protests with clearer and clearer warnings

"Dead girls don't lie": Netflix responds to protests with clearer and clearer warnings

Previous warnings about the Netflix series “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” were too few for some. In the future, when you see “For Thirteen Reasons”, you will be directed to a website that provides information on helping suicide.


After “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” was categorized as an adult in New Zealand last week and discussions about the series’ possible dangers have not stopped, Netflix has now responded with concrete action. These partly meet the requirements of the New Zealand Office of Film and Literature, which recently even introduced a new youth protection category for the program.

From the beginning, written warnings were placed before certain episodes indicating an explicit depiction of suicidal and sexual violence. These should be formulated more strongly from now on, according to a Netflix statement (via Variety). Also, the first episode gets its own advanced information card. Url13reasonswhy.info it becomes an integral part of the texts. Various addresses for suicide prevention are listed on the partner website after selecting the respective country of origin. In Germany, this is the phone number of the International Association for Suicide Prevention and the home pages www.suizidprophylaxe.de Y www.jugend.support.

Netflix Warning before episode 13 “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” on Netflix.

It is not known when the new texts will come into effect, as of May 2, 2017, they are not yet activated at least when accessing “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” on German Netflix accounts. The illustration above shows one of the current warnings.

We also point out that suicide is not a way out. If your thoughts are about killing your life, we strongly recommend that you seek dialogue with other people. Discuss the issue with your family or friends, a doctor or psychologist, or someone you trust. If you want to remain anonymous, there are several telephone counseling offers that are not only free, but also absolutely confidential (and, for example, do not appear on the telephone bill). The numbers 0800/111 0 111 and 0800/111 0 222 will help you. Alternatively, you can go to The phone counseling website also has a chat agree or the notice by mail take advantage of. About him Website of the German Society for Suicide Prevention There is also an overview of other counseling centers.