Temporada 2 de "Dead Girls Don't Lie": se realizarán estos cambios

“Dead Girls Don’t Lie” Season 2: These Changes Will Be Made

Season 2 of "Dead Girls Don't Lie": these changes will be made

A nice side aspect of the series: 67% – 76% of teens and young adults pay more attention to the way they treat their peers and 45% – 60% even apologize to other human beings who have treated them badly. We think that’s cool!

So Katherine Langford had to shoot the suicide scene

Time and time again, the Netflix series “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” causes a stir. And especially The final scene in which Hannah Baker takes her own life was a huge thorn in the side of many people.. After all, this suicidal viewer could only attest to the fact that they are ending their lives. But the real intention of the authors to show the audience that suicide is not worth it (see below) is not even heard by most critics. And also Katherine Langford, Hannah Baker, has now commented on what it was like for her to film this terrible suicide scene.. In an interview with Deadline When asked how he prepared for this scene, he revealed: “I don’t think there was a time when we didn’t want to show Hannah’s suicide because that wouldn’t have done the whole thing justice. He would have had the feeling that the gravity of the matter would be overlooked. The scene is not beautiful, it is not romanticized, it is not a beautiful tragedy, it is simply unbearable and painful to watch.

We really don’t imagine it being as easy as acting on such a sensitive subject as Katherine ended up doing. But he had professional help. “I kept talking to Brian and the medical professionals. I also worked with a psychiatrist who specializes in adolescent mental illness to try to understand what someone would be going through at the time. ” But even though she felt super supported, when it came to filming the scene, she suddenly felt extremely sad that Hannah had chosen this path. “It was that moment where you have to play the girl and you can’t tell her not to. After all, he’s just a character. ”

22-year-old imitates Hannah Baker suicide

Franco Alonso Lazo Medrano was only 23 years oldwhen he jumped from the fourth floor of his apartment building. It doesn’t sound like I used the series as a model at first. However, when the police opened an investigation, they did not two notes he found. A note was a Farewell letter to a Claudia state. The second letter was an explanation of how to get there. Voice recordings on your computer to be referred to people in your life. It is not known whether he blames these people for his death. Also, there was no evidence that the series was actually a model. Unfortunately, the parallels with the recordings cannot be ruled out outright, but critics’ suspicion that the series is dangerous will now be confirmed.

A father also blames the series for the death of his daughter.

Leading actress Katherine Langford comments on the criticism

Co-producer Selena Gomez wasn’t the only one to comment on allegations that “dead girls don’t lie” is dangerous, as it would increase suicide rates and glorify suicide itself. Leading actress Katherine Langford, who plays the lead role of Hannah Baker, appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” about the allegations.

“Of course, the issue is controversial and things like that stimulate discussion. But that is exactly the important point! We cover so many important topics in the series that through personal experience it can affect people very differently. Everyone feels it differently, so I don’t want to tell anyone how they feel about it, ”says the actress. Also, she says: “But personally, as I myself am involved in the program, I saw the thoughts that flowed into it, I myself am a young adult and I think that important issues are covered, I am very proud of the way we approached them and have shown” .

Also, Katherine thinks that Netflix did a great job, as he saw his responsibility, even after filming and the end of the series itself Continue to address problematic issues and continue to provide help to affected people.. For example, there is additional video material for this, which will be shown after episode 13. Katherine Langford also wants to help affected people and posts links to aid organizations and counseling centers on your Instagram profile.

We also found that producers and actors alike, like Netflix itself, do their best to take issues seriously and provide assistance. After all, the increase in fees at telephone and online counseling centers can also be seen as positive. Because instead of just committing suicide, people seek help! And that’s what matters: giving those affected options on how and where they can seek help. Even if there were viewers who would have preferred everything during the episodes, the options are still shown in hindsight and through the many discussions on the topic of suicide. Netflix would also like to implement advice requests during “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” season 2 episodes.

Now co-producer Selena Gomez responds to criticism

After the great success of the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”, there has also been a lot of criticism for “Dead Girls Don’t Lie”. In New Zealand, the series was even banned from classroom discussions! Now Selena Gomez, co-producer of “13 Reasons Why,” has finally responded to the harsh criticism in an interview with the Associated Press:

“We stick to the book very closely […]. Jay Asher created this beautiful, tragic, complicated and exciting story and we wanted to do it justice. “says Selena Gomez. “I knew the criticism would come no matter what. It is not an easy subject. But I am very happy with how it developed [der Serie] […] and very proud “.

In an interview with E! Co-producer Selena also adds that she wants the show “terrify children, but in a way that makes them want to talk about it […]. “ Well, Selena Gomez and the other stars of “13 Reasons Why” definitely did it!

Not only did health organizations criticize the new Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”, they also Zara Larsson (19) now voiced criticism. The Swedish singer wrote on Twitter that the series was irrelevant to her. Of course, Selena Gomez fans could not leave it standing, they defended the series and said that it was in no way irrelevant, especially since so many were discussing it. Zara replied that she “dead girls don’t lie” would find unrealistic and above all that they felt that the issues of mental illness and depression would not be addressed. “In my opinion, it idealizes revenge suicide and does NOT treat mental illness and depression AT ALL.” , so the singer. After her comments caused such a shit storm, Zara deleted all of her tweets.

“Dead girls don’t lie” draws attention to harassment

She is not alone in believing that the series would romanticize suicide, as many American health organizations saw it that way. But even if Zara thinks that the series does not speak adequately about mental illness, it still draws attention to current problems. Because the issue of cyberbullying and the resulting depression that can lead to suicide is very real. It happens again and again that young people who are bullied see the only way out of their situation in suicide. Like 13-year-old Daniel Fitzpatrick from New York, who took his own life for this very reason.

Therefore, such a broad discussion can, even if the implementation does not seem perfect for everyone, draw attention to a sensitive topic.