"Las chicas muertas no mienten"-Star dice: la serie debería ser obligatoria en las escuelas

"Dead girls don’t lie"-Star says: the series should be compulsory in schools

"Dead girls don't lie"-Star says: the series should be compulsory in schools

“Dead Girls Don’t Lie,” also known as “For Thirteen Reasons,” sparks many controversial discussions on the subject. An actress has now also positioned herself: in her opinion, the series should be mandatory in schools.


Suicide is always a sensitive subject, the series “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” focuses on it. 17-year-old Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) has committed suicide. While her classmates have to deal with it, her friend Clay (Dylan Minnette) finds radio cassettes in which Hannah explains the reasons for her death …

Numerous organizations warned against the series. Among other things, it is criticized that adolescents may have suicidal thoughts. Allow them to show their own weaknesses and to see suicide as a way out. Nic Sheff, a member of the series’ writing team, objected. The series faced reality and made it clear that “suicide is not a salvation, but an atrocious horror.” Also, you get rid of the notion that if you commit suicide, you silently fall asleep. Actress Kate Walsh’s arguments go in a similar direction and go one step further. In his opinion, “dead girls don’t lie” should become a compulsory program in schools.

Walsh, who plays Hannah Baker’s mother, argued in an interview with the Huffington Postshowing what it really looks like when someone takes their own life. Otherwise, it would make too big a secret on the subject, so that it would become a mystery and the idea would arise that suicide is a peaceful matter. Instead, it was “ugly” and “really brutal” and that should show.

The series also clarifies beyond that. Encourage discussions about issues like sexual assault, bullying at school, or persecution based on skin color, gender, or sexual orientation. It leads to coping with suicide and depression. At the moment, all of these issues are often hidden in shame. Hence his conviction: “Parents, teachers and students should look at this”, so Walsh to Huffington Post.

“Dead Girls Don’t Lie” has been running on Netflix since late March 2017 and became a huge hit there. A second season seems to be done.

We also point out that suicide is not a way out. If your thoughts are about killing your life, we strongly recommend that you seek dialogue with other people. Discuss the issue with your family or friends, a doctor or psychologist, or someone you trust. If you want to remain anonymous, there are several telephone counseling offers that are not only free, but also absolutely confidential (and, for example, do not appear on the telephone bill). The numbers 0800/111 0 111 and 0800/111 0 222 will help you. Alternatively, you can go to The phone counseling website also has a chat agree or the notice by mail take advantage of. About him Website of the German Society for Suicide Prevention There is also an overview of other counseling centers.