Las chicas muertas no mienten: esta foto descarada molesta a todos los fanáticos

Dead girls don’t lie – this cheeky photo upsets all fans

Dead girls don't lie - this cheeky photo upsets all fans

You either hate or love “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” because it is and remains controversial. Some think it’s great that topics like suicide, rape, and bullying are addressed, while others think it glorifies suicide and is dangerous. Now the series is causing arguments again, but this time it’s actually a seemingly harmless photo of Jessica and Justin.

Controversial photo on the Twitter account “Dead Girls Don’t Lie”

It shows the two hugging and standing underneath. “Always” so “Always”. It’s actually nice if it wasn’t for the fact that Justin tried to cover up Jessica’s rape in season one. Out of a sense of duty towards his friend Bryce, Justin tried to convince Jessica that nothing happened that night.. But through the Hanna tapes and Clay’s investigation, the true story came to light. Bottom line: Justin wasn’t exactly the perfect friend, and in fact, we’re also glad that Jessica sent him into the wilderness in the last episode of season 1.