"Consorcio inactivo" en el MCU: ¡Este Avenger de todas las cosas podría ser el primero en conocerse!

"dead Pool" In the MCU: This Avenger of All Things Might Be the First to Meet!

"dead Pool" In the MCU: This Avenger of All Things Might Be the First to Meet!

What’s next for Deadpool after Disney annihilated Fox? It is said that “Deadpool 3” is just one of several options that are supposedly currently being examined at the Maushaus. A guest appearance in another hero’s movie would also be possible …

20th century fox

The Mercenary with the Mouth has already thrilled audiences in two solo films. But after “Deadpool” and “Deadpool 2” with Ryan Reynolds in the title role, “Deadpool 3” doesn’t necessarily have to come. Because the future of the antihero is no longer in the hands of Fox, but in those of Disney. And as is well known, they still have a whole horde of other superheroes in the house …

So it is possible that Deadpool will soon meet one of the Avengers in the cinema: for example, Spider-Man (Tom Holland). Why Cosmic MCU I heard a rumor that Disney is currently considering it as a one of three future options for Deadpool to appear in “Spider-Man: Homecoming 3”. Then he would find his way to the MCU as a guest in another hero’s movie.

The fact that he could meet the cute teenage spider first, of all things, is a fun idea: while Wade Wilson aka Deadpool curses and kills as much as he can, the good-natured Peter Parker aka Spider-Man is one of the more nice that exist. To be able to imagine. What is also interesting about this rumor: If true, there will actually be a third Spidey solo movie with Tom Holland.

Series “Deadpool” and “Deadpool 3”

Another of the three options is of course the sequel “Deadpool 3”. This most likely offers an opportunity to allow Deadpool to continue being brutal, which would not be possible in “Spider-Man 3” with his very likely age rating of 12 years or older.

Deadpool would also have to exercise more caution if the third possibility presents itself: There could be a “Deadpool” series for the new Disney + streaming service. Since all content on the portal should be family-friendly, this would mean a fairly tame version of the ruffle dressed in red.

Brutal alone, moderate with the Avengers?

Regardless, “Deadpool” is a huge theme at Disney and it seems like they’re busy looking for the best way to make it part of the MCU. Of course, the options, which currently have to be classified as hearsay, are not mutually exclusive: “Deadpool 3” can still come, even if Deadpool passes by Spidey, at some point he also has to meet the Avengers. Only the brutality with which Deadpool acts against his opponents should differ from movie to movie.

But first of all, Spider-Man is back in theaters: With “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” the MCU’s first movie after “Avengers 4: Endgame” begins on July 4, 2019.

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