"Consorcio inactivo" Y Co .: Así continúan los X-Men en el cine

"dead Pool" Y Co .: This is how the X-Men continue in the movies

"dead Pool" Y Co .: This is how the X-Men continue in the movies

Today RTL will show “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” at 10:35 pm, which, much to fans’ chagrin, also contains Deadpool’s first (gurgling) movie appearance. What’s next for the mutant at Disney? We’ve rounded up all the upcoming “X-Men” movies.

2019 Twentieth Century Fox

The future of the X-Men is uncertain. Thanks to the Fox / Disney deal, the development of many projects that have actually been announced is back on the razor’s edge. Others were immediately pulped entirely. We’ll tell you which “X-Men” movies are coming and which aren’t.

“X-Men: Dark Phoenix”

The next film in the mutant series about the younger versions of Professor X (James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) will be in Germany on June 6 in theaters start and apparently be the last. Not only does the money guarantee that Jennifer Lawrence, who plays the shapeshifter Mystique, seems to have been scratching her feet for a long time, finally being able to turn her back on the comic book universe (which she probably does after “Dark Phoenix”), but also her. Fox acquisition Competitor Disney looms over the series like a sword of Damocles.

The predecessor “Apocalypse” did not meet expectations at the box office and if “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” did not turn out, contrary to expectations, to be an outright home run at the box office, it could do so for the mutant troop featured with “First Decision. “After” Dark Phoenix. ” “The lights go out forever. At least that is what we will still see in the cinema after several postponements.

“X-Men: New Mutants”

On the other hand, things could look different with “X-Men: New Mutants,” which was also announced half an eternity ago. The superhero flick of “Destiny is a lousy traitor” director Josh Boone, which was later recast into a full-blooded horror movie, was postponed, changed, and then postponed again multiple times. April 2, 2020. We still have August 22, 2019. It is questionable in more ways than one whether the movie will actually be shown on screen on this or that date.

On the one hand, the film was released so frequently (a start was originally announced in April 2018) and then it was found unfinished that those involved are now up to their necks in other projects and for new sessions, which were announced in the Spring 2018. are no longer fully available. The calendars of leading actresses Anya Taylor-Joy and Maisie Williams should already be crammed with filming dates and PR for upcoming movies and series and director Boone, who is loud. Hollywood reporter who has full responsibility for the project is in the middle of preparations for the series adaptation of “The Stand” by Stephen King.

On the other hand, there are already rumors that the movie is going to happen anyway. It will never run in theaters, but on a streaming service.

2018 Twentieth Century Fox

“X-Men: New Mutants”


RomCom superhero “Gambit” with “Magic Mike” Channing Tatum should officially on March 12, 2020 beginning: it is more than unlikely that the film will arrive at some point. “Gambit” is at least not included in the current list of planned start dates. There just doesn’t seem to be a place for individual X-Men movies at Disney right now. It’s more obvious that comic heroes will find their way into the MCU at some point and first make their Disney debut there. However, Marvel’s schedule is already full in 2020, with the solo movie “Black Widow” and the cosmic ensemble epic “The Eternals” starting there. In reality, there is only one of the X-Men as a candidate that could really enter the Disney era with its continuity established:

“Deadpool 3”

“Merc With A Mouth” Wade Wilson, aka “Deadpool,” will be largely unaffected by the Disney acquisition. Even if lead actor Ryan Reynolds already announced that the third part was going in “a completely different direction,” the continuity and creative minds behind the series will likely stick. “Deadpool 3” has no release date yet.

“X-Force” and “Multiple Man”

It looks different with the announced “Deadpool” spin-off, “X-Force.” This is still officially scheduled for 2020, but it is rumored that he was a victim of the takeover and, like “Multiple Man” with James Franco, he was crushed. Last January, however, there was a surprising sign of life when “Deadpool 2” authors Rhett Resse and Paul Wernick von Screen Rant They were asked about the status of the project: As far as you know, “X-Force” is definitely the next “Deadpool” movie to come. Nothing new is known about “Multiple Man.”

This is a re-posting of an article previously published on this page. The occasion is, among other things, the television broadcast of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine“Tonight at 10:35 pm on RTL.

And here’s the trailer for the next and possibly last cinematic adventure for the current X-Men: