Demi está enamorada

Demi is in love

Demi is in love

“We are friends and we still get along”Camp rock star claims Demi lovato after parting ways with Joe Jonas at the end of May over and over again, but on the inside he seems very different. How The 17-year-old beauty reportedly collapsed in pain after a night out with friends.

“She just didn’t stop crying”reports a friend. “Suddenly everything fell on her. She kept saying how much she missed him and how much she wanted him back. It was crazy how excited I was. “

Her friend added:She always pretends that everything is fine, but in reality she is still very hurt. It’s sad, but we know he will get over this. “

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato were a couple for only two months. But then surprisingly, Joe ended the relationship. Apparently he was annoyed by the fact that Demi was constantly spreading things about her private life. Soon you will be able to see the former lovebirds on the screen: in September it will flash “Camp Rock 2 – The Final Jam” through television screens. You can find the information on!