Demi esta orgullosa de su cuerpo

Demi is proud of her body

Demi is proud of her body

It was a rough road – as early as the age of 8 Demi was caught in the vicious cycle of eating disorders – her food began to vomit and she continually developed a bad and unhealthy relationship with food. At 11, the actress is so desperate that she starts scratching. Extremely early!

Young actress and singer Demi Lovato (18) has suffered from a severe mental disorder combined with an eating disorder and self-injurious behavior for almost 10 years. Last year he hit the emergency brake. After a mental breakdown, he entered a rehab clinic and has now declared war on illness.

“I have worked so hard to be healthy and fit … I can’t believe I’m about to do this, but I’m so excited” (I’ve worked so hard to be so healthy and fit. I can’t believe I’m actually doing this, I’m so excited) Demi writes below her bikini pic on Twitter. Gone are the days when she was bullied for feeling too fat. Demi is proud of her body and now treats it like a friend and not an enemy! Great action! After all, it is difficult to find your way around and like their appearance in our world, where “perfect” women smile at us every day on television, the Internet, and billboards. It’s time for us to start loving each other!

How do you find Demi’s brave move? Do you also have trouble eating? Take the test here: How is your eating behavior? You can find out all about anorexia and bulimia diseases here! More about Demi Lovato’s nearly nude bikini photos can also be found at

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