Demi Lovato: ¿se comprometió?

Demi Lovato: Did you get engaged?

Demi Lovato: Did you get engaged?


wantedon October 15, 2014 | 09:55

Only 22 years old and already engaged! Demi Lovato is now also a member of the club of young Hollywood girls who would rather get married yesterday than today. The singer got engaged!

Demi Lovato got engaged

After all, Demi Lovato has been dating her boyfriend, who is twelve years her senior, for four years, star Wilmer Valderrama. But The 34-year-old is truly the lucky one who will soon be able to lead Demi Lovato down the aisle.?

With the Instagram message “Oh, by the way… I’M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!Demi Lovato surprised her fan base a few days ago and thanked her “future husband Grant” profusely and with various emojis. But who is this Grant? According to Demi Lovato, only the “# SÜßESTEALLERZEITEN”, as can be seen in her hashtag for the engagement message.

Demi Lovato says “yes” to a little fan

Demi Lovato receives a request

Fortunately, the 22-year-old solved the mystery of the mysterious marriage proposal with an Instagram snapshot. In a picture that Demi Lovato posted in her engagement comment, you can see that nothing less than a little male fan knelt in front of the singer during one of her concerts and even put a ring on her. And Demi Lovato? Apparently she said “yes” and made little Grant the happiest man / boy in the world!

First you have to copy Demi Lovato so much love from the fans! We are happy for the singer and even more so for little Grant, for whom the concert will probably be unforgettable forever. Will Demi Lovato keep her promise when Grant is old enough to get married? Wilmer Valderrama probably has something to say on this too …Image Source: Image 1: gettyimages / Christopher Polk Image 2: Instagram / ddlovato