Demi Lovato es apenas reconocible

Demi Lovato is barely recognizable

Demi Lovato is barely recognizable

Makeup trend

wantedon 09/16/2014 | 11:50

Demi Lovato doesn’t shy away from extreme outfits and flashy makeup. On the contrary: the sweet singer is very happy to try different styles and is not stingy with her charms. On the current cover of “Fault” magazine, Demi Lovato is now showing off a new makeup trend.

Smoky eyes are yesterday, now extreme eyeliner is on the rise. Demi Lovato poses for the September issue of “Fault” magazine, very cool and with extremely dark makeup. The change is written on the face of the 22-year-old in the true sense of the word …

Demi Lovato with dark eye makeup

We usually meet Demi Lovato with a big beaming smile and always in a good mood, which is why her fans adore her. The singer now looks unusually serious from the cover of “Fault” magazine, which shows in prominent male company: No, her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama is not part of the party. none other than the R’n’B Usher star graces the magazine cover alongside Demi Lovato.

Demi Lovato with an unusually serious expression

With her dramatic look, Demi Lovato could easily pass off as a true rock star. The 22-year-old is into the softest popbeats. But for “Fault” magazine, the sweet singer made an exception and once showed a completely different side of herself. According to “HollywoodLife,” photographer Giuliano Bekor and stylist Avo Yermagyan created Demi Lovato’s “edgy” style, who looks a few years older on the magazine cover.

Up or down: what do you think of Demi Lovato’s dramatic look? Does extreme eyeliner have what it takes to become the 2014 makeup trend, or would you rather not wear the ombre look on the outside? Regardless, Demi Lovato fans seem to like it. Rewards the singer with numerous likes.

Image Source: Facebook / Fault Magazine