La hermana pequeña de Demi

Demi’s little sister

Demi's little sister

Being Demi’s little sister isn’t that easy

In front of the magazine Seventeen revealed Madison: “When people say they wish Demi Lovato were their sister, they forget how difficult it is when someone is constantly on the road and on the road. But she always takes a long time for me. We text each other all the time. And every time you see a funny tweet, you take a screenshot and send it to the family group. My cell phone hardly stops because of that! When Demi is home, our relationship is like other sisters too. We get frozen yogurt, watch TV and talk about anything. I can trust her with everything. “

Bullying Madison? Not with Demi Lovato!

Demi Lovato has a history of bullying himself and has suffered greatly over the years. It goes without saying that Demi goes to the barricades when someone dares to insult her little sister. Madison says: “It helps me when Demi stands up for me online. Last year I posted a Vine about how I cook with her and it got a lot of negative comments. People made fun of me because they meant it. that he had a hump. Demi freaked out and even sent people personal messages to yell at them and asked all her followers to support me. Sometimes I wish you didn’t pay as much attention to these people. I learned to ignore that, but when people are hostile to me, she cannot contain herself. She’s strong and free-spirited and that’s what I love about her. “