Stadia: Grid y otros nuevos juegos profesionales, varias funciones nuevas sobre la marcha

Demonstrations and more: Stadia Store will inherit Play Store functionality

Stadia: Grid and other new pro games, various new features on the go

Stadia will soon have a very extensive store, partly reminiscent of the Google Play Store.

Google introduced the web version of the Stadia Store a few days ago, but initially it offers hardly any features. It really is not necessary with less than 30 games. As you can now see from a leak, a major expansion for Stadia Store is already in the works in the background. Probably the Google Play Store will just take over a big chunk. In my opinion, a partially comparable structure can be expected.

Stadia Store reveals numerous categories

Google presents several categories so that users can get a better overview. For example, there will be a new area for demos, as well as upcoming titles, pre-orders, mobile games, 4K highlights, top rated, best sellers, most played, latest update, top multiplayer, new add-ons, early access, wish list and much more.

The categories are already available in the Stadia store through the browser, but so far they are all empty. Google has not yet officially announced the introduction of the categories. At least the wish list could be useful today, as well as an overview of upcoming titles.

Stadia Source, Android Police