Amas de casa desesperadas: "Secretos"

Desperate Housewives: “Secrets”

Desperate housewives: "Secrets"

What’s wrong with Eddie?

wantedon December 8, 2010 | 13:10

“Desperate Housewives” Have Some Secrets

Bratty Gaby is literally swimming in money, because her husband Carlos fulfills almost every wish. But suddenly he becomes stingy and turns off the money tap. The reason for this also infuriates neighbor Susan: Carlos loaned $ 50,000 to heavily indebted Mike and kept the deal a secret from his wife. When Gaby and Susan find out, the two decide to teach their husbands a lesson.

Meanwhile, Lynette has no idea that her family is in danger. Eddie, whom Lynette took in because she believed she was not in good hands with her mother, began to act aggressively towards Porter. When he almost attacks Tom, the latter demands that Eddie move immediately. Eddie then goes into therapy. When her mother is about to be called, Lynette learns from the neighbors that she has disappeared without a trace for days.

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