IC 1 Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn Announces: Passengers Must Give Up This Offer

IC 1 Deutsche Bahn

If you’ve been sitting at ICE and wanted to know your connections, there was usually a brochure on your seat. “Your travel plan” or “your trip” showed you the possible connections for each train station on your ICE or Intercity path. You can also see from the brochure if you have WiFi reception there, if there is a Deutsche Bahn carpool or lockers at the train station.

With the appearance of the coronavirus in spring, the railway had already stopped laying the leaves. Apparently they wanted to avoid a possible route of infection when several travelers collect the same sheet of paper. But now it’s clear: “Your travel plan” will never be on Deutsche Bahn trains again.

At the request of inside digital, Deutsche Bahn confirmed that the brochure would no longer be displayed on paper. A Deutsche Bahn spokeswoman told us: “Our customers now get information mainly through digital channels like DB Navigator or the travel companion on the ICE portal.” they are available to customers for all questions about their trip.

Significant savings

Deutsche Bahn had already planned the abolition of paper information. This saves you the design effort and logistics of always having the right brochures in the right place. At the same time, a lot of paper is saved. Each train number had a run of up to 10,000 pieces per month. At the same time, however, sales are also lost. Businesses were able to book ads through an outside company, which later appeared in this brochure.

“Your travel plan” was a cult for many travelers and was simply part of it. Some just skimmed it, some were inspired for future trips, and some really needed the information in the brochure. For some, the love for brochures went so far that they picked them up.

The alternative is on your mobile phone

The alternative to the brochure is digital. Most Deutsche Bahn trains now have displays that dynamically display real-time information. In this way, the railway can also inform you about delays and track changes. Of course, printed paper cannot do that. However, train conductors also know that screens often don’t work.

Another alternative is your cell phone. With DB Navigator you can check your travel connection at any time, get alternative suggestions in case of delays and cancellations, and you can see what other trains are leaving a station.