Prepago: Próximamente empezará la tarifa anual con 5G en la mejor red por menos de 100 euros

Deutsche Bahn wants to significantly improve its WLAN offering

Prepaid: The annual rate with 5G on the best network will start soon for less than 100 euros

In trains and stations, there will soon be a full and seamless wireless internet connection from Deutsche Bahn. Now the work for a better infrastructure begins.

While one waits for the next train in the future, time can be spent on better WLAN Internet. As announced by Deutsche Bahn, the railway infrastructure for wireless Internet will see a significant improvement in the current year. The focus of the improvements is the fluid connection between the train and the station, assured the group’s digital dashboard in a message to dpa. To do this, a coherent wireless network will be created that did not really exist until now.

Uninterrupted: more internet for all things rail

As a general rule, train conductors now have the Internet on their trains. At train stations, however, another offer must be used. And all hotspot providers want to make money. Therefore, wireless internet connection is not necessarily a straightforward or convenient matter at this time. But those who travel by train should be able to have significantly better experiences in the future. However, this implementation takes time and billions of euros.

For a truly complete wireless internet connection, railways, the state, and network operators must work together. Hopefully something else is happening here, especially in Germany, we still have work to do. This also applies to motorways and of course basically to rural areas.