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DHL: Live Parcel Tracking is coming

In the course of this year, DHL wants to offer its customers “DHL Live Tracking”. As a recipient, you should be able to keep track of how far your package is and when it will arrive “near real time”.

You need to get the information from and the DHL app. So far, if you are registered as a DHL customer, you have only received information about the day your package is to be delivered. In some delivery districts, the parcel service already provides a planned time window for delivery in this email, but sometimes this is several hours.

Exact delivery window appears when uploading

With the introduction of DHL Live Tracking, DHL will send you a 60-90 minute window of time in the morning when the courier loads your car. There will also be a countdown of the number of delivery stops remaining until the shipment is delivered. Amazon Logistic and DPD are already doing this in some areas; more or less reliably, you can also see the current position of the delivery vehicle on a Google Maps map.

When the DHL package is almost ready, you should receive another announcement. You will arrive 15 minutes before delivery and you know you won’t be able to go shopping or shower, for example, before the DHL courier rings your doorbell. With live tracking, DHL wants to make receiving packages more reliable than before and giving you, the recipient, better planning. And if you are not home after all, you can enter a storage location at the desired location until delivery or specify a desired neighbor who is ideally at home.

DHL package also stationary: more packing stations planned

There is still no exact time for the presentation. And if you’re rarely at home: The existing network of Packstations will expand to around 7,000 by 2021. According to DHL, there are currently 4,500 machines nationwide.

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