Estimados vecinos, pronto podrán hacer que sus paquetes se desvíen automáticamente: DHL con nuevas funciones

DHL no longer delivers all shipments directly and does not require a signature

Dear neighbors, you will soon be able to have your packages automatically diverted: DHL with new features

DHL informs about changes in the current situation. Among other things, the company now dispenses with customer signatures at the time of delivery.

Signing someone else’s signature on your own is likely to be considered a forgery. However, in the current situation, it is correct for DHL and the other Distributors to refrain from signing their customers to receive packages. Of course, the customer’s signatures are not forged for this, rather the delivery man simply acknowledges the successful delivery himself. These are just protective measures to make package delivery as contactless as possible.

DHL no longer delivers all shipments

DHL couriers will continue to deliver packages to you as usual, but currently they no longer require a confirmation signature from you for delivery. A customer may even decline this process because he would like to continue signing himself, but then has to give up his package. Currently, cash on delivery deliveries are no longer delivered; DHL requires branch pickup for this.

DHL recommends “If possible, specify a storage location to receive your packages or send them directly to packing stations.”