Diane Kruger: ¿se va a mudar a Francia?

Diane Kruger: Are you moving to France?

Diane Kruger: Are you moving to France?


wantedon 08/08/2014 | 14:43

It’s no secret that Diane Kruger has an affinity for France. The beautiful actress could even imagine growing old there.

Diane Kruger currently resides in Los Angeles with her boyfriend Joshua Jackson. But if it were up to the actress, it shouldn’t stay that way forever. Rather, he sees their future together in France.The 38-year-old woman revealed in an interview with the American “InStyle,” whose cover Diane Kruger graces this month. “I see myself as half French. That’s where I’d like to see my kids grow up, that’s where I want to grow old, “said Diane Kruger of” InStyle. ”

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson could soon be French

He especially liked the much touted “savoir vivre”. “Maybe I really like your lifestyle because I am European. I always liked Paris. My first trip to Paris was also my first flight. When I landed, I immediately had the feeling that I never wanted to leave, ”said Diane Kruger, excited by her passion for France.

Diane Kruger is an active advocate

Diane Kruger has also made her dream home delightful for her boyfriend Joshua Jackson, in the truest sense of the word! “Josh and I were in Paris for Christmas and he made almost 15 pounds. Bread! White chocolate! Risotto! Crown! My friend lives on a farm in Normandy and makes her own foie gras. And then the wine. We really just ate and drank. It was greatSays the sympathetic actress with German roots. Whether Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson will actually immigrate to France at some point remains to be seen, but with the enthusiasm the 38-year-old comments on it, it seems quite possible.

You certainly can’t blame Diane Kruger, after all, France is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. We are curious if the two of them will end up in our neighborhood soon! Image Source: Angela Weiss / Getty Images for the Lourdes Foundation