¿50 Cent realmente se rompió?

Did 50 Cent really break?

Poor rich rapper

wantedthe 04/08/2015 | 14:06

After 50 Cent was sued for $ 7 million in damages for allegedly posting a sex tape, the rapper filed for bankruptcy last month. Now you have to reveal to the court how things are going with your finances.

In 2009, 50 Cent allegedly uploaded a sex tape of a lady named Lastonia Leviston having fun in bed with an unknown man. If you’re wondering what Fiddy got out of it, here’s a possible explanation: Leviston has a son with rapper Rick Ross. That in turn is considered one of the biggest 50 cent rivals. Lastonia felt on the verge of suicide for the publication and decided to sue the rapper for damages. 50 must now show that he cannot raise the sum of $ 7 million.

Gold chain and bankruptcy – go hand in hand, would you rather 50 cents?

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson III, and his lawyers say the 40-year-old has a fortune of $ 25 million but is also in the wrong with $ 28 million. Levinston’s attorneys consider this information to be a sham, as his largest lenders are said to include $ 1,700 for his grandfather and a $ 5,800 monthly bill for Bentley. “This is a monstrous delaying tactic,” Levinston’s attorney, Hunter Shkolnik, told the “New York Post” of the unusual composition of the 50-cent mountain of debt.

50 cents fans want to help rapper out of bankruptcy

If the judge doesn’t think there is a 50-cent money shortage, there is another way the rapper could get back in a dry place: Fans started a fundraiser for the former millionaire last month. They opened a Tumblr page called “Help50Cent” in which you can hear the song from the 50s “Piggy Bank” (in German by the way “Piggy Bank”). With each click on the player, the Spotify music portal is requested to pay the rapper 0.0011 cents. Currently, fans have made around $ 55 for the musician, which really shouldn’t save him from the mess.

We hope, of course, that 50 Cent can soon come out of his financial difficulties and compensate Ms. Levinston for his pain. Maybe Fiddy can start asking his grandfather to pay off his $ 1,700 debt …

Image Source: Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy