Bienestar digital: la aplicación de Google vuelve gris la pantalla antes de que se agote el tiempo de espera

Digital well-being always with you on Android, now with concentration mode

Digital Wellbeing: Google App Grays Screen Before Timeout

Digital Wellbeing is not just being expanded to include a new feature, the tool is now fundamentally part of Android as well.

Digital Wellbeing is getting a new feature, and Google is making an announcement for all future Android smartphones as well. Google only mentions in a subordinate clause that digital well-being is included in all new Android devices from version 9 and version 10. At the same time, the new concentration mode (focus mode) is already at the beginning with These devices.

More focus on important things

Concentration mode blocks all applications that we select as “annoying” in the settings. We just have to concentrate, for a period selected manually or automatically according to a (new) schedule. It would be conceivable to block all private messengers during working hours. Or work applications during your free time. Users will surely find their way.

If all of this is basically on board with new devices, manufacturers can throw their already numerous in-house solutions directly overboard. OnePlus, for example, offers its own application on its own Android smartphones.