Bienestar digital: la aplicación de Google vuelve gris la pantalla antes de que se agote el tiempo de espera

Digital Wellbeing: Google App Grays Screen Before Timeout

Once again, Google is improving its digital well-being for Android, optically indicating an impending wait time on the latest version of the app.

Digital Wellbeing is Google’s solution to the problem that we sometimes spend too much time on some apps. With this system app, we can better regulate our screen time, help us to be more disciplined, even simply without using the smartphone. A small innovation appeared suddenly in the last few days, it extends the time-out function for applications with visual signals.

Gray indication of impending timeout

If you are using an app with limited screen time, it will now be grayed out shortly before the timeout. This is as a subtle indication that you have reached the specified maximum usage time of the respective app. 60 seconds left. Digital Wellbeing only colors the application in question; there is also an additional note in the app overview (blue banner).