La leyenda del director Michael Mann hace una película biográfica sobre Enzo Ferrari

Director legend Michael Mann makes biopic about Enzo Ferrari

Director legend Michael Mann makes biopic about Enzo Ferrari

Michael Mann has his next project in his sights. The director of “Heat” wants to make a biographical film about Enzo Ferrari that has been planned for some time. Funding should be secured shortly.

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Again Hollywood reporter reports, the biopic “Ferrari” is in the final phase of development. Michael Mann is on board as director and wants to start filming in 2016. At the moment, according to Niels Juul, head of production company Cecchi Gori Media, which works with Mann, talks with the financiers are ongoing and have already been done. first commitments.

Brock Yates’ book “Enzo Ferrari: Man, Cars, Racing” serves as a model for the film about Enzo Ferrari, an Italian racing driver who was to found the world famous Ferrari company. With Troy Kennedy-Martin (“The Italian Job”) and David Rayfield (“Out of Africa”) two screenwriters were once hired, each writing a script more independently of one another. Michael Mann himself has now combined the elements of these two scripts into a new and definitive one.

For Niels Juul and his company Cecchi Gori Media, who are also currently producing Martin Scorsese’s “Silence,” a long-planned project may finally become a reality. The company wanted to shoot the film in 2004. Sydney Pollack was supposed to direct and Al Pacino to take on the lead role. But there were several delays and when Pollack died in 2008, the biopic appeared to be put on hold. But also because Michael Mann is full of enthusiasm for the project, he is now awakening to a new life. Nothing is known about a possible lead actor. Juul points out loud Hollywood reporter however, on the fact that the project has no connection to an Enzo Ferrari biopic that is currently tormenting the Italian press with Robert De Niro as the supposed lead actor. If Pacino were still in doubt for Mann’s biopic, we might view “Heat “‘s former rivals as competitors of an entirely different kind: that is, for the best representation of the same historical person.

Michael Mann’s cyber thriller “Blackhat” with Chris Hemsworth recently premiered in theaters on June 18, 2015 on DVD and Blu-ray.