Das O2-Logo auf einer Wand.

Discount O2: First special mobile phone rate against the Corona crisis

Das O2-Logo auf einer Wand.

Due to the current situation, O2 is sending the O2 Free M Flex Special on the run at a substantial discount. A complicated name, but one that already describes the rate well. For several months now, O2 Free has once again been the fare pathway in O2, accelerating once the reserved data volume is reached. Due to the crisis, O2 is currently only accelerating to 384 kbit / s by the end of April. “M” describes a rate with medium data volume, “Flex” means that it can be canceled monthly at the end of the billing period.

The rate, O2 emphasizes, is aimed at new and existing customers who want “a large amount of high-speed data volume at a low price with complete flexibility.” The special rate costs 19.99 euros per month, which is an impressive 15 euros less than the normal o2 Free M Flex 34.99 euros per month. The 15 euro discount is unlimited in time. You also pay a one-time fee of € 39.99 for providing the fee.

The rate includes 20 GB of data volume per month, which can be browsed up to 225 Mbit / s. Then it will continue browsing at 384 kbit / s until further notice. Important: 32 kbit / s is contractually agreed.

Also included in the special rate: A flat rate for telephone and SMS, as well as a landline number with which you can be reached in parallel with your mobile phone number. This is particularly practical for the home office. EU roaming is also included, but may be relevant later. One downside compared to regular fares without O2: You can’t book the O2 Connect option. With it you would have up to ten SIM cards for a fee. It is not clear how long O2 will offer the tariff. The provider himself says “until further notice.”

We have compiled a summary of the landline, mobile communications and television campaigns that are currently available due to the Corona crisis. O2 is there again, too, with 150GB of data volume for prepaid customers.

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