Disgruntled users: Samsung TVs show ads in the main menu

Disgruntled users: Samsung TVs show ads in the main menu

Posts are piling up on social media: Angry users report ads on the menu of their Samsung TVs. In the so-called “Smart Hub”, the main menu to start applications or change entries, large advertising banners are displayed for many users. The discussion was sparked by a tweet from Job Plas, Labor Director of Eyeo, the company behind AdblockPlus. Plas posts a photo of his Samsung TV, which documents the announcement.

Samsung reacts with incomprehension

Samsung is reacting rather ineptly to the current accusations. The group uses Twitter to advertise that the advertisement can only be seen in the main menu and will not be displayed while the program is running. However, since the Smart Hub always has to be called to launch applications or change inputs, most users will still notice the screens.

Advertising cannot be disabled

Samsung announced that there is no official way to disable these ads.

According to the consumer advice center, there is no general answer as to whether this procedure is legal in Germany. Here you should consult the terms and conditions of the respective manufacturers.

Tech-savvy users can disable advertising themselves. To do this, blacklist Samsung’s ad server on your router. To do this, go to Internet -> Filter -> Lists -> Blocked websites (blacklist) in the menu of your Fritzbox and add the server “http://ads.samsungads.com/”. Next, create a new access profile for the Samsung TV and check the box next to “Filter websites.” After restarting the TV, the advertising should no longer be displayed.

How do other manufacturers handle advertising?

Other manufacturers also display ads on their user interfaces, but in a much less intrusive way. For example, on LG TVs, the app ads that can be downloaded there can only be found in the app store. Amazon handles advertisements for its Kindle tablets and products very transparently. When buying, the customer can decide if he wants advertising to be shown and, in return, receive the product 15 euros cheaper. If the advertising bothers you, the advertising can also be deactivated later by paying the difference in price.

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