"Asqueroso y enfermo": La película de terror de Netflix causa revuelo en la red

"Disgusting and sick": Netflix horror movie causes a stir on the web

"Disgusting and sick": Netflix horror movie causes a stir on the web

The new horror thriller “The Perfection” with “Get Out” star Allison Williams has been available on Netflix for a few days; some internet users are now even talking about a disgusting movie experience that would have made them sick.


Netflix customers with a soft spot for nested thrillers have had “The Perfection” since May 24, 2019, which also delivers explicit horror here and there. Last year, “Bird Box” starring Sandra Bullock, who gave the streaming giant dream numbers, showed that Netflix thrillers can make waves too. “The Perfection” may be comparatively lacking in star power, but in the first days after its release it sparked wild reactions on the internet. Many users describe the movie as not only disgusting or scary, but even complaining that it made them sick.

The premise of “The Perfection”

“The Perfection” is the story of Charlotte (Allison Williams, “Get Out”), who became an excellent cellist at a young age and is everything to music. However, due to a family tragedy, he took a long break, but then returned to the greenhouse. There, for a long time, Lizzie (Logan Browning), whom Charlotte knows from before, replaced her as the star and figurehead of the installation.

Without anticipating too much about the content, the movie can certainly be classified as a revenge thriller that has many twists and turns in store for the viewer. However, if you are quickly disgusted in movies, you should think twice if “Perfection” is really something for you.

It is increasingly common to read on the Internet that users have not adapted well to the film (or certain scenes). This is what Twitter users write The Hulk Inthiccable including yesterday Tuesday: “‘Perfection’ messed up my mind, I haven’t been well since Sunday.”

The user TALA He even talks about being physically paralyzed and vomiting:

For the user chrj_22 are “Dark, psychotic, perverted, evil, crazy, disturbing and exciting” the only words he can think of about “Perfection” …

… Others, on the other hand, cannot find words for the film and prefer to let the images speak for themselves, such as Michele paes:

The movie is really amazing

We don’t want to describe the potentially disturbing scenes to you in detail, of course, but in the next paragraph we’d like to briefly discuss the extent to which “Perfection” really gets to work. If you don’t want to know anything about it, you’d better stop reading right now.

No proper splatter jigs should be expected – heads don’t roll and people won’t be gutted one after another. After all, “The Perfection” is more of a thriller than a horror movie, so the horror takes place mainly in the head. Towards the end it becomes a bit more brutal, although here it is not the acts themselves that come to light, but their consequences. All of the above is less brutal, but falls into the category of gross. So if you have trouble seeing bodily fluids flying through the image, you probably clap your hands in front of your face in at least one scene.

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