Disney hereda el fracaso de Marvel: "X-Men: Fénix oscuro" rumbo a una pérdida de más de $ 100 millones

Disney inherits the failure of Marvel: "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" heading for a loss of more than $ 100 million

Disney inherits the failure of Marvel: "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" heading for a loss of more than $ 100 million

After the new blockbuster “X-Men” failed not only in the United States and Germany, but almost all over the world, the adaptation of the comic could still cost the new owner Disney dearly.


In March, Disney put more than $ 71 billion on the table to buy rival 21st Century Fox. The X-Men were also repeatedly mentioned as an example of why such an acquisition would make sense. Meanwhile, Disney has the rights (or at least cooperative agreements like with Spider-Man) for almost all of the Marvel heroes put together to expand the MCU even bigger than it currently is. (In addition to the X-Men, the Fox takeover eventually brought the Fantastic Four back to Marvel.)

But while that’s true in the long run, Disney has to pay more for now. Because the 200 million expensive Marvel blockbusters “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” inherited from Fox are causing bright reds on the balance sheets. In both the United States (with a catastrophic $ 32.8 million) and Germany (with a measly 120,000 visitors), the start of last weekend went completely wrong. And it doesn’t look much better on the rest of the world, either: “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” is currently heading for a global bottom line of $ 325 million (it could also be less than $ 300 million due to bad word of mouth).

Nine digits less!

In case this is true, and there is currently nothing that can speak for a more robust result, then in the end (including home theater, TV, and streaming revenue) Disney and Fox would probably be less between 100 and 125 million. Dollars to reserve. A more than sad farewell to one of the most successful film franchises of the last 20 years!

At the same time, this also increases the chances that the pending and repeatedly postponed horror spin-off “New Mutants” will no longer be shown in theaters. Instead, it is increasingly likely that Disney will prefer to use the pre-programmed screen flop to store its Disney + streaming service, which will launch in the fall, with exclusive content. At the same time, the cut of “Dark Phoenix” spells the final end of the already unlikely speculation about a possible crossover between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the already established “X-Men” universe. MCU’s mastermind Kevin Feige is unlikely to open the door to his well-guarded hit project for such a cinematic failure.

Who ruined it?

The mutual accusations of those responsible have already begun – both on Twitter and in a detailed background article in the industry magazine Deadline. But it will probably be a few more weeks, months, or even years until exactly what exactly went wrong behind the scenes is fully made public. We will keep you informed.

On the other hand, you can see what material has appeared on the screen since last Thursday. “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” has been in German cinemas since June 6, 2019.

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