6 meses gratis: Disney + pronto disponible nuevamente en una oferta especial a través de Telekom - nuevo ataque a Netflix

Disney Plus broadcasts again in full quality

6 months free: Disney + soon available again in a special offer through Telekom - new attack on Netflix

Disney follows the competition and is now showing its content again in full image quality through its own Disney Plus streaming service.

During the Corona crisis, some streaming services reduced bandwidth and image quality deteriorated somewhat. Slightly reducing image quality ensured that streaming services put less pressure on networks. There were different opinions on whether these measures make any sense. Even if not: Netflix, Disney + and company participated. Now Disney announces that it will finally lift the last active bandwidth reduction for Disney +.

“The temporary bandwidth reduction that went into effect earlier this spring is gradually being lifted. We expect the full Disney + catalog to be available for streaming in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in HD and UHD formats before June 29.

In addition, a large number of movies and series are already available on Disney + that you can enjoy front row at home with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos: highlights such as Hamilton, Frozen 2, Artemis Fowl as well as the popular Star Wars saga and The Mandalorian, to name just a few of the titles available. “

Netflix announced in May that it would reduce the reduction again. I was quite of the opinion that with some movies you could see that there was a bit lower bitrate on TV.

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