Disney Plus está haciendo un comienzo monstruoso

Disney Plus is off to a monster start

Disney Plus is off to a monster start

Interest quickly leveled off again after the start of Disney Plus – at least that’s what search trends are saying. But the streaming service got off to a good start.

Is Disney Plus starting off successfully or not? Some observers ask this question. After the initial hype, the demand crushed again extremely quickly, and despite the name that had been established for several decades, the initial euphoria in Germany was contained. However, a look at the whole situation shows that Disney Plus is off to a very successful start. In any case, Disney Company announced that it already has more than 50 million subscribers.

Disney Plus quickly reaches its first impressive milestone

For comparison: Netflix has been represented in many more countries and has been around for a long time, now it has almost 170 million subscribers. Now the question arises in the future who will stay with Disney Plus for long and if the company will be able to inspire with in-house productions like Netflix. The currently still low price, the package is cheaper than Netflix and already includes 4K, it is not the only guarantee of long-term success.

The market launch is impressive, 50 million customers in less than half a year and only a few markets. Strong. But now the work of the managers is just beginning, people should move on and win more customers. Word-of-mouth propaganda may seem wrong in times of the crown crisis, but it is just as important for long-term success.